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If your older inefficient system is causing you more and more inconvenience and discomfort perhaps it is time to consider having a new high efficiency York air conditioner, heat pump, or GeoComfort ground source unit installed in your home. You’ll enjoy savings on your utility bills and increased comfort. Plus, we carry Monessen hearth systems and Hawken outdoor wood furnaces that you’re sure to enjoy. Don’t let equipment failure spoil your day. Inquire today about a new comfort system from Shannon Heating & Cooling.

York Affinity Equipment

Air to Air Heat Pumps, Air Conditioners, and Furnaces

Compared to traditional compressors, the York Affinity series is designed to outperform by yielding 60% greater efficiency, reducing noise by up to 4X, and providing even comfort levels. Plus you can choose from seven exterior colors.

GeoComfort Equipment

Ground Source Heat Pumps

GeoComfort equipment takes advantage of the free energy in your own backyard to provide heating, cooling, and hot water. Geothermal heating and cooling systems operate on the constant moderate temperatures found below the earth’s surface, saving you money on your energy bills.

Taylor Waterstove

Outdoor Wood Stoves

Taylor Waterstoves furnaces consist of a durable wood burning firebox surrounded by a water tank. Heat transfer to water is maximized with Taylor’s exclusive double-pass flue. The stainless steel flue pipe runs horizontally through the water tank to a cleanout box. It then makes a second pass through the water tank to the stack at the front. By burning secondary gases, Taylor’s Demand Burn Auto Draft System increase burning efficiency.

Pex Flex

Professionally Manufactured Insulated Pipes

Only a professionally manufactured insulated pipe will maximize the efficiency of an outdoor wood furnace system by keeping heat losses to a minimum. By effectively heating the house (not the ground), you can save hundreds of dollars on energy bills. Shannon Heating and Cooling is the Pex Flex Dealer for Missouri, so be sure to ask us about how Pex Flex can help you be more energy efficient!


Hearth Systems

Heat your home with personality by installing a Monessen hearth system. Monessen offers a wide range of products including vented, vent-free, and wood burning fire places and stoves.